For a little R&R, look no further than the city’s back yard. Upstate NY, particularly the Hudson Valley, has been attracting visitors and transplants alike - luring with its lush landscapes and accessibility.

The result has been a true to form revitalization of small towns dotting the area; places like Beacon, Hudson and Newburgh are opening their arms to city dwellers.

We’ve been escaping the hustle and bustle lately to hit up farmer’s markets, distillery tours and award winning restaurants. Check out some of our favorite finds:


Part 1. Beacon, NY

90 minutes from the city lies the riverside town of Beacon, NY. This gem is home to the renown Dia: Beacon, a contemporary art museum with a collection dating back to the 1960’s. Perfect for a daytrip, we started our excursion with the most important meal of the day at Beacon Bagel – a spot in the center of town that boasts over 50 bagel sandwich options. We recommend the #1 Egg whites, Swiss, turkey, and tomato.


For a fun afternoon activity, we visited Denning’s Point Distillery. Stationed in a former auto repair shop, Karl Johnson distills the Valley’s finest whiskeys, vodkas and even gin. You won’t leave a tasting without taking a bottle home!

©CarryOnEats Great 9 Gin is just that... great!

©CarryOnEats Great 9 Gin is just that... great!


Wrapping up our day, The Hop provided us with all the rich nourishment we needed for our ride back to the city. The savory and tender Rabbit & Dumplings is a delectable dish we are still dreaming of. The farm to table restaurant has a bottle shop connected to the space in case you like to take a taste of Upstate home with you (and who wouldn't?).

Look out for our next post, a recap of our visit to Hudson, NY. Until then...

Carry On with the rest of Upstate NY