with janelle smith

There's a recurring theme here of keeping up with my fellow Sofitel Philadelphia alum. Janelle and I became fast friends during slow lunch shifts. She recently visited me for a week here in Brooklyn, and helped design the logos for the site. How could I not make her my first featured guest?

AGE: 26


JOB: Motion Graphics Artist/Server at Fond

FIRST THING YOU ATE IN NYC: Tacos from Citrico in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

FAVORITE FOOD EXPERIENCE ON TRIP: Traditional Japanese breakfast at Okonomi. I had the porgy and the bluefish. The poached egg over rice was fantastic!

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Morganstern's Finest Ice Cream (American Egg and Vietnamese Coffee), and Wolfnights (Carnivore's Delight wrap).

WHAT FOOD DO YOU MISS FROM YOUR HOMETOWN: Homecooked food - especially fish fry! Detroit has its famous Coney Island hot dogs. All the franks are different with a specialty chili smothered on top. Go to the Lafayette or Joe's Location.

HOW HAS FOOD INSPIRED YOU: In restaurants the way chefs plate food gives it a visual aspect. It just makes it a whole new game with the colors. Everything becomes more appealing. As a visual artist, I can really appreciate and respect that.


Last weekend I returned to my old stoping grounds of Philadelphia for a surprise birthday brunch. My dear friend Emily celebrated her 28th at The Dandelion - Stephen Starr's British pub right off Rittenhouse Square. The soirée was organized by her boyfriend, who recently started the hot new Peloton Cold Brew out of West Chester, PA (my hometown). Despite working with Emily at nearby Sofitel Philadelphia, I've never dined at The Dandelion before. So there you have it, a surprise for her and a surprise for me. For around $30 per person, you can plan a prix fixe similar to what we had.



Granola Parfait

Local yogurt

Butter Lettuce Salad

Homey crisp apples, red grapes, stilton, spiced walnuts, honey vinaigrette

Chilled Yellow Tomato Soup

Marinated cherry tomatoes, oil cured black olives, pine nuts, basil


Main Course

Eggs Benedict

Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce, toasted English muffin

Toasted Bagel & Catskills Smoked Salmon

Sliced tomato, cucumber, capers, red onions, cream cheese

House Blend Beef Burger

Sharp cheddar, smoked bacon, Brooklyn brined pickles, Churchill sauce



Selection of Family Style Desserts

Carry On with The Dandelion

124 S 18th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103



Carry On with Emily


Carry On August

lhr - heathrow airport

It's no secret that London is one of my favorite cities, and by extension one of my favorite international airports. Dubbed the most efficient and trendy hub in Western Europe, Heathrow has it all - comfort, shopping, amenities and some of the best food for fliers! I'm highlighting two of my airport must-haves.


Fast food chain EAT specializes in fresh options to-go. Similar to Pret a Manger, EAT has 110 locations around the UK and 2 inside the airport (T3 and T5). I'm a sucker for a good sandwich, so be on the lookout for British staples (Tuna and Cucumber) and seasonal favourites (Thanksgiving Sandwich). If bread isn't your thing there's tons of fresh salads, fruits and juices. EAT up!

Carry On with EAT

Heathrow T2 and T3

Heathrow Airport






caviar house & prunier

For a more upscale and authentic European experience, I encourage you to try out Caviar House & Prunier. A champagne and caviar establishment with 3 locations around London, 1 at Gatwick Airport, and 4 inside Heathrow. Intimidated by caviar? Head to their Oyster Bar in T3 to shell out and slurp on the Isle's best delicacies. 

Carry On with Caviar House & Prunier and Oyster Bar

Heathrow T3, T4 and T5

Heathrow Airport





With a lot of memories and a heavy heart, I am sad to report the imminent closure of Alder on 2nd Avenue this month. The innovative gastronomy-meets-American style restaurant has been pioneered by chef Wylie Dufresne (of wd~50 fame) and operated out of NYC's East Village neighborhood for the past 2 years.

I've celebrated many joyous occasions at the spot from birthdays to anniversaries, continuing to be surprised by the simple staples always taken to the next level. Settled on a block with a 16 Handles and frat-haven 13th Step, Alder will leave with it a void of highbrow culture. And leave me forever hungry for  Caesar Wings (Chicken wings and celery sticks dusted with anchovy-spiked powdered salad dressing). 

You heard it here, get to Alder before the end of the month and make a toast to an original gem. Cheers!

Carry On with Alder

157 2nd Avenue

New York, NY 10003





with jarry magazine

Jarry Magazine is a publication that explores the intersection of gay men and food. The founders cite "Jarry" as a word taken from "Polari," a lexicon of code words that were used by gay men in England and Western Europe starting around the 1930s, as a way to identify and interact other gay men. 

If you'd like to learn more, look out for issue 1 making its rounds this fall. The boys Alex, Lukas and Steve just successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign. The above photo is from their launch party at the gorgeous Ramona in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. To memories and to the future, congrats guys! 

Carry On with Jarry Mag






Making is regal debut tonight (8/7) Community House in Rockaway Beach, Queens is a place for the people. Ravaged after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the neighborhoods of Rockaway, Howard Beach and others  nearby have been well on the mend. The spot has been revitalized by owners Kelley Brooke and hometown local Eric Joseph. In addition to food and drink, "The House" will double as a venue for live music, a bakery and in spring 2016 a guest house for lodgers. Manager and industry veteran, Jennifer Ainahmanesh invites the public to come down for the unveiling - "It's gonna be a shit show, but it will be fun!" 

Carry On with Community House

101-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Rockaway Beach, NY 11694






Nestled at the foot of the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque is not only New Mexico's largest city, but home to the country's best Mexican food. I found myself stopped over on my way to a wedding 2.5 hours north in Taos. Hungry, and with a road trip ahead of us, we made a stop at a nearby local haunt. Taqueria Mexico is the perfect drop-in, quick fix spot, and a highlight of my trip. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu - offering tacos, burritos, tortas and other homemade specialties. Just 11 minutes from Albuquerque's Sunport, Taqueria Mexico is convenient for fueling your layover or beginning your visit to the Southwest.

Carry On with Taqueria Mexico

415 Lomas Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

(505) 242-3445




Shameless First Post - A Birthday Picnic

For this inaugural post I bring you a spread you can "Carry On" out to the park.

For my lavish 25th year celebration, I did what any Brooklynite would do... have a picnic in Prospect!

The menu went as followed: 

Buttermilk Fried Chicken - Recipe from Melissa Clark NYT

Thai Egg Salad - From Martha in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Sweet and Spicy Fruit Salad - Recipe from Melissa Clark NYT

Peach Cobbler - A homemade family recipe



Carry On to 25 more years!