There's a recurring theme here of keeping up with my fellow Sofitel Philadelphia alum. Janelle and I became fast friends during slow lunch shifts. She recently visited me for a week here in Brooklyn, and helped design the logos for the site. How could I not make her my first featured guest?

AGE: 26


JOB: Motion Graphics Artist/Server at Fond

FIRST THING YOU ATE IN NYC: Tacos from Citrico in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

FAVORITE FOOD EXPERIENCE ON TRIP: Traditional Japanese breakfast at Okonomi. I had the porgy and the bluefish. The poached egg over rice was fantastic!

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Morganstern's Finest Ice Cream (American Egg and Vietnamese Coffee), and Wolfnights (Carnivore's Delight wrap).

WHAT FOOD DO YOU MISS FROM YOUR HOMETOWN: Homecooked food - especially fish fry! Detroit has its famous Coney Island hot dogs. All the franks are different with a specialty chili smothered on top. Go to the Lafayette or Joe's Location.

HOW HAS FOOD INSPIRED YOU: In restaurants the way chefs plate food gives it a visual aspect. It just makes it a whole new game with the colors. Everything becomes more appealing. As a visual artist, I can really appreciate and respect that.